Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H is for Homage + Headed

today is day #8 in the A-Z Blogging Challenge - which makes it: H-Day. H like host, home, hyperspace, halfway, horizon, honey, hand, harbour...

or: H like Homage. this is a multimedia piece again, below is just a screenshot, click it to get to the moving squares:


(Homage to the Square - click to play)




"Homage" of course is inspired by Josef Alber's fascinating square paintings , this installation was first published in the magazine  Artzar - which isn't online anymore.  

"headed " is a poem written on a flight - it found its place in the innovative Spiral Orb magazine, and is still online there. the lines above are the first half of it, the full poem is here: headed 


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