Wednesday, April 10, 2013

the ABCD of it, or: changing from daily to weekly

Today would be day #9 in the A-Z Blogging Challenge. which would make it: I-Day.
I like Identity, Internet, Irritation, Inkling, Ink, I, Isis, Irregular, Instances....

And a part of me is eager and tempted to continue, but going to the archives to revisit all those works proves to be too intense a task for a daily challenge. I don't want to rush those stories and images from the past. So I guess I will change the challenge rhythm for me, and turn to weekly. The A to G turned into an intriguing approach for this task. Really happy about the steps so far.
And interesting how "H" now turned into a note on the project in general: a homage to the archives, with I to Z waiting to be headed to.
Thanks for all who have visited this blog. 
Have a great A-Z Challenge April! 

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