Thursday, April 11, 2013

life, twists, penguins, books, the joy of revision, the road, and: tomorrow, for free

there i was, thinking April would be for the A to Z blog challenge. just like i thought that the re-formatting of the Masala Moments novel into an e-book would be a thing that is finished in January.

but then, maybe that's a good mind trick. keeping things simple in mind. and then just doing a bit more. not putting the big label "MAJOR REVISION" on it. but just "formatting". and then embarking under that flag.  while the snow keeps falling. and finding that revision actually such a wondrous and wonderful process.

in some ways, it was like being on a journey again. with this openness of a road that isn't fixed yet. in both of its meanings.

and when i reached the end again, some days ago, i was actually sad to have arrived. it's about the journey, not the destination, and all.

but so good, to see this book now, in its new shape, out there. here's the link to the new e-book version of Masala Moments, with extras inlcuded

and the journey continues: while putting the Masala e-book up, i realized that i actually had uploaded an e-book for Kindle once, a travelogue about a road trip into the former forbidden East side of Germany: Leipzig, or East West Real Life. 

the book, it waited with a small suprise: i don't even have it up on my webpage actually. but it keeps finding readers. probably because of the title. it is #91 in the Kindle / Travel / Europe / Germany section right now.

to celebrate that, and to try a road that is all new to me, the book will be free tomorrow.

will blog when it switches to zero.
(which is supposed to happen on friday noon pacific time.)
(& which makes it evening in Leipzig.)


PS:  the blue bird is from a tableau by  Natlie d'Arbeloff, called "The Lesson". loved that moment. it spoke to me and also reminded me of that penguin moment in Leipzig. the one that, from all, turned into the cover of the book.

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