Friday, April 26, 2013

island diary.. The Other Mallorca + The Joy and Benefits of Travel

while i am packing, others are already out there, or just returned, and blog about their journeys, and the joys and benefits of travel...

really enjoyed the following posts:

I must be Off! - travel blog of author Christopher Allen
Chris visited Mallorca and blogs about it now: The Other Mallorca -- Part 1 + 2 + 3

Part 2 includes this fabulous time-trapped blogging realization:
"We turn down the road where the trail starts and find a free parking space twenty meters from where we could have started walking thirty minutes sooner if we'd read this blog post beforehand. Always drive to the where the trail starts. There's probably parking there."

Now I am tempted to drive to Deia, too, and find that parking spot...


The Joy and Benefits of Travel
Kathy from Smart Living 365 is on a 3week vacation in Europe, and reflects on the joys of travel with a lot of beautiful quotes, here's one that almost seems to speak to Wednesday's post about the counterpart connection of home and the unknown, and about doing one thing that scares you every day:
"As Robert Fuller says, “Fear is part of what makes travel so enlivening and revelatory. You’re perpetually off-balance and on guard. After a while one yearns for the mindlessness of familiar routines. And when you do return home, old pleasures are much the sweeter for having been suspended.”


Blog posts about: Majorca
And an extra link: a wordpress list with recent blog posts about Majorca

That's how i found this one:
Majorca: in the eye of George Sand and mine


Soon now...

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Christopher Allen said...

Hey, Doro! I hope you had a great time. We're back in Munich now, but we wish we were still on the island. Still walking. Still enjoying the birds and the sun and the olive groves.