Thursday, April 25, 2013

island waves

it's thursday evening, dark outside. and i just revisited this short ocean video from a previous island stay that is filled with waves and light...

... and thought: maybe the island time will be a time of video again, of collecting small moments - just like collecting small stones.

oh, and the forecast is: rain. at least for the day of arrival.

which would make the first video: an island rain video.

and isn't it interesting that everything gets a different tune when you add "island" to it: island wind. island time. island book.

in German, it's almost the same word: Insel. and in spanish: isla.

it's an isla insel island.


also, the next pages of the BluePrintReview in/stances issue are online.
there's a shore included, too.

thinking about it, maybe it was the shore photos combined with the bird video (n yesterday's post) that made me get back to the island wave video. sometimes it would be interesting to read the logfiles of the brain.

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Anonymous said...

There is NOTHING quite like the sound in that video. Such power ~