Tuesday, May 21, 2013

a collage of now, a road map, and things that change the world

this weekend, the first rose opened in the garden. in the rain. at least it wasn't snow - there's arctic cold messing up the season here in Europe, moving temperatures back to March weather.

but the weekend also brought sun - and some road driving time. now, for a road map for the next days and weeks, i thought. while temperatures are limping, the rest of the things moved to a kind of overdrive - those days when you sketch a plan for the day, and then the day takes over.

in between all, i made a little discovery: e-book readers can neatly look for a word in all e-books they have in their files. i looked for "Korea", thinking it would directly lead to a quote i hazily remembered. and then a  whole list of books with bookmarks came up. the magic of technology.

and a link: this weekend, the Eurovision song contest was broadcasted all over Europe -- by the way: the Eurovision song contest, it was one of the measures that were created to prevent another war in Europe, following the idea that you are less likely to go and kill the people across your border when you listened to their songs and sang along with them.... -- so the Eurovision song contest, a book blogger picked up on it, and looked for fitting books.. which made me put a blog post together over at the blueprint book blog. below it is in a post about how self-publishing has changed the books world. i'm still waiting for a post that tries to capture how self-publishing and blogging has changed our lives. it makes a difference, to take note, to share, to look closer. and to be able to revisit things that happened a month ago, a year ago.

i guess there never was as much diary-writing in the world as now, only that it is called blogging now.

and talking about time: blueprintreview is turning 8 tomorrow. i am glad it is still around and growing. for a while, it felt it came to an end.

also, as part of the road map for the next days, i will try and get the "7 continents reading challenge" back on track. learning for the future: things work better with fixed dates and deadline.


and beyond all, a part of me is still out there, on the island. wondering. and wandering.


PS: in my next life, can i be a bird with blog?

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