Wednesday, May 22, 2013

J is for Juxtaposition + Jupiter, Uranus

inspired by the A-Z Blogging Challenge i started to revisit my published works... today is J. J like June, joy, jet, junk, jive, just, journey... and J like Juxtaposition and Jupiter


Jupiter, Uranus

If her week had been a painting, it would have been a Miro. A black figuration in the centre of things, a red spot in the right corner, a yellow triangle sailing along the bottom. Hours spent in transit, a thought that blinked in her mind like a telephone message waiting to be noticed, while she had been away, to visit friends. Now she was back but her sense of orientation had gone, had turned into a curved line, without distinct direction.

The names of the days had fallen to the floor in between Tuesday and Thursday. If someone had asked her she wouldn't have been able to define the season. Somewhere close to summer it was. A touch of autumn, a slice of spring. The day before she had been in a t-shirt and barefoot. Now she was wearing a sweater.

In the afternoon, she went jogging. On the way back the sun appeared, burning a hole in the sky. Later, on the sofa, she fell asleep while the little people who lived in her TV were discussing long-term effects of globalization on individualization. When she woke up again time felt like syrup, unstable but sweeter than before.

Sunday morning she was up early, despite the fact that there really was no point to it. Outside, it was all dark still. No stars, no moon. He had been there in the evening, huge and almost full, hanging there in the sky, at the spot the sun left. The other day, someone had told her about the planets that were visible at the moment. Jupiter and Uranus. She scanned the sky once more, determined to spot them, yet the only things glowing outside were street lamps.



"Juxtaposition" - an invader-moment from Paris, submitted to the Juxtaposition of F-Train. didn't get published, though, but there wasn't any published "J"-image. 

"Jupiter, Uranus" is a story that was first published in Rumble Magazine, which sadly isn't online anymore. 


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