Wednesday, May 1, 2013

island diary: Pool ducks and marathon runners

It’s noon in Mallorca. At the pool, it’s the ducks that are guarding the water. It’s not that no one is staying in the hotel – it’s just that most are out there on the island, biking hiking, jogging… and some are the pool, too. Like me. Reading Murakami’s book “What I talk about when I talk about running”

Which makes me think of the time i joined a bike marathon. And it makes me remember that it was here, on this island, that i rode my first 100k on a bike. The feeling from back then - to have reached the 100 - still is carved in my memory.

Last year, the 5k-jog by Wordpress was on while i was here, which made me go with a mile-counter. There is something about the human mind, and the way it sets up tasks, and then strives to complete them...

Here's the blog post from back then: 5K Challenge – jogging along Alcudia Bay, Mallorca

Will go now for the first longer jog, see how it feels.

Then later, back to the pool. To read in "Moonwalking with Einstein", a book about training one's memory. A task that is less visible, but might be worth it.

Buenos Dias :)

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