Thursday, May 9, 2013

island drive: mountains + poets

today was about roads, mountains - and poets.

i went for a long drive, stopping at a church garden on the way to the mountains, with an entry out of a magic realism painting-

from there, the route moved towards the highest mountain pass of Majorca island: Soller.
there also is a tunnel, but with time, the serpentines and the view they lead to are worth it.

Soller is at the West coast of Mallorca, and once you are there, it's not that far
to the most poetic town of the island: Deia, which also comes
with one of the most scenic routes of the place: 

At some point, Deia turned into the place for  poets and authors, artists and musicians.
Getrude Stein was here, and Anais Nin. Miro and Chopin.
And Robert Graves - the house he stayed in is located outside the main town, 
and now turned into a museum:

here's more about the story of Deia, Graves, and more: Deia and the Graves Myths 

Apart from the sun and the beauty, there also was is a darker reason for authors
and artists to  move to  the island:
 in the years between 1930 and 1945, Mallorca also an exile. 

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