Monday, May 13, 2013

monday morning, or: to be (t)here now

monday morning. 
after the island. 
where to start? 

maybe here, with this photo of a pink peony. on return, the garden greeted us with its green spring energy – and with a peony petal someone dropped, probably torn from another garden and then thrown away. i picked it up and put it in water, and this morning it looks fresh and open.

i guess the trick / approach now will be to not to try to catch up 2 weeks in 2 days. and to take time to pick up the petals.

be here now

this simple yoga line. easier on an island. maybe more important, here, in the everyday.


and another thought: in counterpart, to stay connected to the island mood for a bit longer, i will post larger photos over in the photo blog, one per day. the first - "this line of horizon" - is up already: be there now, for a moment


and wow, it's nice to have a good internet connection again.

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