Saturday, July 20, 2013

back to the start... (summer zen #5)

maybe it's the summer season, or just the joy of automatic collages - i switched templates in my photo blog back to "Autofocus", which creates an automatic collage for the starting page. here's the blog link: once upon each day...

meanwhile, this week keeps taking odd turns. what first looked like an insect bite turned out to be a virus infection. and the medication for it both helps but also brings on odd moods. or maybe it's the virus that brings the odd moods. hard to tell apart.

and just to add some oddness, i received a beautiful international mail envelope this week - which arrived all empty, and wrapped in a postal plastic bag that informed me that "some items might be missing."

but the week also brought some beautiful moments. and really, the virus, it's okay. i escaped several waves of winter / spring / summer flu. and just looking through the photo pages of the photo blog is soothing - all those moments of this year that were precious and special. like this second page of the photo blog  - an unplanned, automatic collage of home and journey moments. which will shift with the next upload again. a perfect reminder that it is all temporary, and depending on th context.

.... more summer zen ....

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