Monday, July 15, 2013

calm (summer zen 1)

finally, after a long cold winter and a rainy spring, summer is there. the last weekend has felt like a holiday - not because i was somewhere special, just because of this sunny mood, of the colors all around. daylilies opening, birds chirping. it's a beautiful time.

this weekend also brought the memory of 100 days of summer - this daily creative time last year. the places it took me. and browsing, i later arrived at a page i came across once, then forgot about again: a simple page to be somewhere for 2 or 10 minutes. in the rain. at the beach. in a field of flowers:

at that virtual beach, an idea for a virtual journey surfaced: to revisit places i've been, and to go on a summer stroll through the web. all this, with a touch of zen. and with open rhythm. a chain of moments, some to visit once, some to return to.

so this is day 1 of summer zen: 2 minutes at the beach of calm.

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