Wednesday, July 10, 2013

in/version, or: different than you thought it would

today: tropic skies. the lilac flower finally unfolding. me trying to take a photo, and the camera - like absent minded me - focusing on the distance instead of on what is right there. 

also today: horscope lines and tiny buddha lines, both suggesting to take a step back, to be open for a different view:

The Weight of the World
“Today may seem depressing and restrictive. Other people may seem to get in your way and interfere with what you are doing. ... You may feel that the weight of the world is too heavy, but you don't expect help because you have not asked for it.”

Different than you thought it would
“You simply don’t know how the universe is going to deliver its splendor, but chances are it’ll look different than you thought it would.” - Tiny Buddha

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