Monday, July 29, 2013

no mud, no lotus (summer zen #9 - the beginning)

it was on July 15 that i started this summer zen blog series, with the idea "to revisit places i've been, and to go on a summer stroll through the web. all this, with a touch of zen. and with open rhythm. a chain of moments, some to visit once, some to return to."

now i wanted to add the next entry, and realized this summer series probably began a month earlier, with a blog entry in June that included a challenge quote and a video link with note:


another perspective on challenge:

"The Obstable is the Path
When you encounter a blockage -- a wall in your plans -- embrace it, adore it and realize that you put it there. Remember -- if it happens to you, it happens through you." 

and a beautiful, challenging video: "No Mud, No Lotus" by Tara Brach (the video, i didn't look for. it just popped up in the sidebar as i watched something else, and was perfect for today)


more summer zen:


bookspersonally said...

I haven't heard the phrase "no mud, no lotus" before but absolutely love it - so so true, and so hRd go remember when you need it most- will take this with me into my day

Dorothee said...

it was same for me: i hadn't heard the phrase "no mud, no lotus", but it's such a powerful image. now to remember it on muddy days...