Sunday, July 28, 2013

sunday links: Italia & Cleaning Out & Question & Rape Joke & more

it's a week of tropical weather here in Germany, which rather feels like Spain or Italy these days: sunburnt fields. warm evenings. the longing for a playa.

the next beach is far from here, but i loved this series of summer snapshots from Cathrine Lodoen: "Trevi, Umbria, Italy"

and this cooking blog post came just in right timing to motivate - despite the heat - to Chill Out and Clean That Fridge

from chilling to reading: browsing Referential Magazine and following links i arrived at this great short story - a play of voices and perspective: Feminine Perspectives on the Chicken Question by L.A. Lawton

and another reading link - a poem, and so much more: Rape Joke by Patricia Lockwood, online at The Awl. good to see this going viral.


some more sunday links:

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