Saturday, August 17, 2013

A French story you'll understand, a Quick Fix & Con Text

while looking for an online course to refresh my French, i came across this clip: "A French story you'll understand - Keys to French"

what's sad, though: BBC had great language pages, but they don’t update and maintain the pages anymore. so the French course is still there, but disfunctional. but at least their Quick Fix - French essential phrases are still working.

looking for the french classes also reminded me of the poem i once wrote...


con text

un cafe con leche
she whispered
as she took the step
to the next chapter

un croissant con jambon
she scribbled
on the exercise page
to learn, to erase

knowing all the time
that one french day, she would
have the chance to say
those words

yet would probably stick
to english
even as a german
in paris

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