Thursday, August 15, 2013

P is for Predatorium + Postcard from Naples

inspired by the A-Z Blogging Challenge i started to revisit my published works... today is P. P like pause, peach, podcast, precious, point, pain, power, pure, positive...




Postcard from Naples, FL

Interstates. They were built to connect cities and places. Their sign is blue, and they cross through green fields, silver glades, red forests. And abroad cities who found a twin home here. Like Naples. That’s where we are right now: Naples, Florida. The place where Interstate 75 intersects with Highway 41.

Other cities along the 75 include St. Petersburg - the American version, not the Russian one - and Venice, featuring mangrove channels and Italian avenues. And all this, along the Gulf of Mexico. In Florida. It's somewhat unreal, this State, especially when seen from the road. We should have known it, even though we didn't trust the sign that told about it at the airport. "Need magic?" it said. “A map and a car would do it for the start,” we answered.

And there they unrolled. Okeechobee Road, Alligator Alley, The Bee Line Expressway, Florida’s Turnpike, and of course, Highway 1, this road that leads down to the Keys, and up to Jacksonville. From there, take Interstate 10 to get to two more twin towns: Havana and Panama City. Then back East, to get to Salem and Santa Fe, also the Florida versions, who neatly connect to Interstate 75’s entry number 404, just two stops from Highway 441.

All those roads, connecting to another. All those places, connecting to the next. Like a string of moments waiting to unfold when you least expect it. Just like the crossings that come up while you are still reflecting the place you are just coming from.

To cross tomorrow: Highway 41. The Tamiami Trail. Leading through the Everglades, and back to Miami again. And I want to go. And I want to stay.



Predatorium is a photo that was inspired by the poem  in Referential magazine - and then turned into part of the page there: in the absences of stars.

Postcard from Naples  is a short travel essay that got published in the magazine Suitcase Generation, which isn't online any more.

PS...  The aquarium photo actually was taken on the "Postcard from Naples" trip, so the two of them finally are together on one page.


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