Monday, August 5, 2013

july, august, a timelog, and a photojourney

a timelog
august is here, and with it, the thought: to keep a timelog for a week. to create a kind of diagram, of the things and themes and activities that square a week.

another thought: the to-do-list, instead of thinking of it as a list with things to cross out - to see it as a list of things and themes that turn into a part of this day. and try to embrace everything, including the obstacles, the tasks i'd rather not pick.

& a quote: that difficult things turn easy by doing them. just as easy things turn difficult by not doing them.

& this one: "Eat the Frog first"..


a photojourney
connected to the theme of time - i keep being drawn to my photo blog "once upon a day" since i changed the template - adding a photo each day and seeing the collage change, and then browse back: that turned into one of the small highlights of the day.

it's a beautiful way to revisit places i’ve been to, but also the change of seasons: those moments of different julys, and now different augusts.

and there is this way the collage is visualizing the cross-connections between them, how one place often leads to another, or to a return. how every month has an own mood and color. it’s an own journey, a photo journey through time and places.

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