Sunday, September 22, 2013

nature home walk & a sense of place in time

the new photo friday theme is: "Nature Walk", and it arrived in neat timing: just last sunday, we looked for a nature walk that is near here on the "Schwäbische Alb". the walk is special, it leads through the only marsh in the area. after a bit of searching, we found it - it starts with a walk along a field, and then turns into this beautiful wooden way that leads through the marsh area:

we were lucky, it was a rainy day but while we were on the walk, the rain paused, and the sun came out for some moments, lighting up the area.

my favorite passage of the walk was the way along birches, with the first autumn leaves falling


the last part of the walk - you can see a rain cloud moving in, brushing the trees.

there is so much to discover in this region - the marsh actually is not far from the place where a former volcano has left its traces in the landscape, and an hour from there, the ancient miniature sculpture from the neolthic age has been found. more walks waiting....


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