Friday, September 13, 2013

sky friday: never seen before

my sky moment for this week is a sight i've never seen before: last week, while in France, we had breakfast outside - and watched, like in a sky show, an unusual flock of birds. "maybe doves", we wondered. but they didn't look like doves.

i tried to catch a picture, see for yourself if you can identify them before you scroll beyond the image:

now back home, i compared it to pictures of migrating birds...

....and tried "migrating storks". and yes, that's what we have seen:

there even is a stork migration map on Wikipedia that shows their path: along Southern France and Southern Spain, to Gibraltar, and then across the Strait of Gibraltar into Africa.

all the skies the storks see on the way... here's the one where we saw the flock, in the South of France:


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Dazzling photos of the ocean and soaring birds ~ carol, xo