Sunday, September 15, 2013

R is for Repetition & Rice

inspired by the A-Z Blogging Challenge i started to revisit my published works... today is R. R like road, red, run, river, rule, ring, rhyme, radio, reason... and r like repetition and rice:





“And now, step into the water,” the tour guide says, “and plant your bundle of rice.”
The group tour, it had sounded okay at first. At this point, I wish I could skip it.
“Such fun,” someone says.
The guide waits patiently like a droid until all and everyone has planted their bundle of rice. There is neither escape from the ritual, nor from the obvious symbolism: our bundles will grow together from this day on.
We move on, to the next task points. We construct a paper bridge. The droid walks across it. We follow, one after another, like sentences in a story.
We learn to say rice in alternating tongues.
“Baikoku,” I add.
No one answers.
When we are finally done, there is a buffet waiting for us. White bowls, filled with steamed, stir-fried, sauteed combinations of rice and other stuff. There are drinks, too, and the usual speeches.
We sit at round tables. I try to play along. I even pretend that I like the jackets we are all wearing now, a liquid green fabric with a pattern of solid white paisleys.



Repetition is a colaborate visual, created with Jeff Crouch. it was first published in HA&L magazine: repetition.

Rice  is a short story that is based on a dream fragment. the story was first published in Metazen, where it is still online: Rice. more about it, including a short story: rice words


A to Z
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