Wednesday, November 13, 2013

the spin of these days.

it is still work marathon. at least the weather outside is fitting: grey and overcast. the thing is, the things on my desk, it’s partly things i really like to do, but with the time limitation, everything turns into a net of to-dos.

but there also was a timeless moment, during yoga yesterday evening. last week, i didn’t really get into the flow, but yesterday i was right there in some of the postures. one of them was “half moon”.

and later, back home, i played with photos and arrived at the image above.

that’s the spin and fragmentation of these days, i thought.


the other thought that came with it: isn't it odd that for the third time, when i thought of giving up, and played just a bit longer with images, i arrive at something unexpected, something that makes me go on, that lets me go and explore the beyond.

and so interesting, this comment for the image: "many times, it's the unconscious, the unexpected combinations that bring something like this to life, something that makes the viewer consider what is hiding, lurking within the piece - and further, what lies within the viewer's own psyche." - Steve V.

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