Sunday, January 19, 2014

collective storytelling: Into the Darkness

It was experimental group writing time again over at Litro magazine: for the second time, the Litro editors invited authors to write a collective story, one tweet at a time - and again, the outcome actually is a story, with beginning and end (and some glitter, too). Great to see the story now online, and to look for my words in it.

Litro also added some notes on collab writing as introduction, here's a passage :
Let’s be honest, we’re probably not on the brink of a new literary genre with our #Litrostory experiment. But we do think it raises some interesting questions about collaborative fiction, and how similar projects could be made to work in future. With all its faults, one thing the internet offers is the opportunities for collaboration and the cross-fertilization of ideas that are wider and more far-reaching than anything else in history. Of course, the internet is also by its nature largely unedited, which is generally a pain...

More here: Into The Darkness: the Finished #LitroStory


And the first lines of the story itself:

Into the Darkness
It wasn’t the sound that woke him as much as it was the sensation of something large and dangerous passing overhead. Could it be that time of year again, he thought to himself, donning his boots and gloves to make his way out into the cold… Before his eyes even had time to adjust to the scene before him, he was overcome with disbelief. “It cannot be,” he murmured...

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