Sunday, February 23, 2014

art, selfie & the first exhibition: Baumeister

Looking back through the calendar in February, I noticed that there are some themes developing naturally. Like: art und museums. Only that I didn't blog about the starting point, as at first, it seemed to be just a quick visit, not a starting point:


January 7th it was, right at the start of the year. Actually that day was all about project meetings in Stuttgart city centre, but I knew I might have some spare time before the museums close. In the end, all that remained were 30 minutes. "You sure? We will close soon," the man at the counter pointed out when i bought my ticket for the Baumeiter exhitibion. "Better half an hour of art than no art," I replied. And it was all worth it. Especially as the first half hour of an exhibition for me often is the freshest and most intense. Also, I've seen a Baumeister exhibition before, in Munich. So it was partly new encounters, and partly revisits.

Some moments from the day - I didn't plan to blog about it back then, so I only took one photo inside. But knowing I will go to a museum added a different view to the whole day. Here's a light reflection photo from the train ride to Stuttgart:

below is the exhbition announcement - Baumeister was born in Stuttgart in 1889. he was a painter, and art professor. fellow artists of him included Paul Klee, Franz Marc and Oscar Schlemmer. Under the Nazi regime, his art was banned and he was dismissed as professor.
(more: wiki/Willi_Baumeister)

and here's the single photo i took.
more of his work: Willi Baumeister paintings

the Stuttgart art museum is a cubic glass building,
and i couldn't resist to take a mirror photo (which now also is a start of a series)


Guilie Castillo said...

Thank you for sharing, Dorothee. Museums are scarce where I live, and they're mostly historical. Which is fine, I love history--but the exhibitions never change, and once you've seen them ten times they begin to get somewhat old. No modern art to speak of, except for some local artists every now and then... So, yes, this was a treat for me. I'll be looking forward to your post about the nature museum, too :)

Guilie @ Quiet Laughter

Dorothee said...

Hi Guilie! Glad you enjoyed the museum post, even though it was rather brief. There are quite a number of small museums in this region, and it's easy to forget that this is a gift. Thanks for the reminder, and the motivation to blog about the museum visits.