Tuesday, April 29, 2014

mallorca trails: bay of alcudia and roman ruins

some snapshots from today, from the Bay of Alcudia in the North of the island. The weather is lovely so far, and i am happy that i checked out the suggested walks before i came here, and downloaded some maps and trail descriptions. That's how i arrived here today:

and here is a map. you can see the bay of Alcudia on the right top, the long curve.
Alcudia town it on the lower part of the bay, and the trail i followed leads to the lower tip of bay,

before taking the walk, i stopped in Alcudia, to visit the Roman ruins. the last time i went there, they were closed, but today they were open. it's amazing to think of all the people who lived here, from neolithic times to modern times. here's a photo of the modern city of Alcudia:

and this is in the area of the Roman ruins, the webpage for it is: 

more to come :)
just wanted to share those first sunny impressions.

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