Thursday, May 1, 2014

island time, or: the muse of the moment

Some more moments from Mallorca:

This is from the first day, a walk along the lake of Cober in the Tramuntana mountain range. Mallorca island has so many different landscapes and moods.

And this one is from Pollenca town: the old church.

And another photo from Pollenca town: in the middle of town, there's a long stairway to a chapel, and walking up there, the view opens wider and wider:

The weather so far was rather kind here, sunshine and some clouds, and for the first day a happily blowing northern wind. The forecast first said it might be rainy tomorrow, but now it cleared. Today i think of driving to Antratx, there is an art museum that i have in mind of visiting since I knew about it, but havn’t been to yet: the CCA Antratx, their current group exhibition is titled: Just Add Water

It is so beautiful to be able to follow the muse of the moment.

Following the exhbition theme, my own theme for Mallorca & me might be: Just add time.

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Christopher Allen said...

Have a wonderful time, Doro!