Sunday, June 8, 2014

day/dream - tag/traum, or: all those hidden words (a to z)

today: playing with words and images. once more i am surprised by the mirror effect - the way an image changes when it is simply duplicated and flipped horizontally. this change from real to surreal when actually nothing was altered in the image itself.  (the original is online in the photo blog: "door")

 the "door" photo, it was inspired by the current photo blog callenge "Room" - a word with two contradictory meanings: the open space, and the confinded space. and as it turns out, a word that sparked the next a-z post: "Room" is "Raum" in German, and also curiously is included in the word "Traum"... "Dream" ...  and so it went on, translating forth and back, and finding relations between languages and inside words.

and looking at the image above, i now notice that "Dream" includes "am"... all those words hidden in words.


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Anonymous said...

Loving these word manipulations, and the photo flip too. It looks like a portal into Traum/Raum. Maybe you can choose which door to enter, and one leads to Traum, the other into Raum--wide open space. When teaching ESL, I used to have my students do an exercise finding as many words as they could within one single word. Some longer words can have as many as twenty or thirty more words hidden within them. It's a fun way to pass time if you have to wait for something or if you're in transit.

Dorothee said...

glad you enjoy these! and yes, the 2 doors - like 2 spaces, same from the outside, different inside. the finding of words in a single word, it can give language a playful different touch, with surprise finds ("rave" in "graveyard..").

Fred O. said...

This is a really imaginative approach to the blog challenge. Fascinating. I've been reading the posts in reverse order from E and now these word ladders are bouncing around in my brain. Very enjoyable...Thanks!