Wednesday, June 11, 2014

G is for growing words (a to z)

today: sun and thunderstorms. working for a nature project and for a geek thing. rushing and pausing. coffee and water. and the next word play: after finding words inside words in the D day/dream, G is about growing words. starting with "Ei", which is German for "egg". and which grows into ice and iron and into railway, just by adding letters.

here's a thing about German language: you can "grow" / specify nouns by connecting two words. like: the house of the "Eisenbahnwärter" turns into the "Eisenbahnwärterhaus".

this blog post was inspired.. by a drive to the "Grünabfallsammelplatz". (= "garden cutting collecting place", or literally: "green garbage collect place")

(note.. this post initially was deciated to E, and was called "ei/egg/eis/ice", but after a case of  "Buchstabendopplung" (letter-doubling) now got renamed to "G is for Growing words"..


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Jane Hammons said...

Love what you are doing with words in the A-Z

Anonymous said...

Love the word-building capacity of the German language, and the way you are playing with this in your posts.

Dorothee said...

Thanks! Really enjoying the wordplay. Chris, and so good to see another E-Egg in your A-Z: