Wednesday, July 23, 2014

the thing about the web, life, and larger stories

the thing about the web....
the name of my photo blog is... "once upon each day". and usually, i almost post daily. but right now, the days form a collage that makes me hesitate to post the next image: adding a photo might rather be a taking away from this chance constellation.

there are so many memories and places in the current 7 images: the feeling of journey, the most beautiful museum visit in Paris, the lovely flowers that are blooming right here in the garden, a moment from my trip to India...

and beyond this page, there are the other webpages and web projects i'm involved in ... the thing about webpages, especially those with forum / comment section / facebook page / blog... it's both great to work in this area, but also it sometimes make you wish for a "pause" button. yet the web never stops. and web projects are never finished. or, to put it more positive: they are a continuing thing with an own dynamic. like a garden. like life...


and not directly connected, but also vivid, some links from today and yesterday:

Emergence of Life
Coursera offers a new course: "Emergence of Life". It focuses on themes like: "How did life emerge on Earth? How have life and Earth co-evolved through geological time? Is life elsewhere in the universe?". and: how did the take of science on this topic change in the last years?

The stories we leave behind
And again, the topic of time, this time from the perspective of a journalist from the Philippines who reflects on her work: "There is nothing in the world more fluid than the news. I’m not the first reporter who is thankful that stories expire at a (nearly) daily rate.. Then there are the stories (you don't want to) leave behind."

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