Saturday, July 26, 2014

International Flash Fiction Competition + Disobedient Objects

It was sunny most of the week, and now it's the weekend - and rain.... but at least the rain brought 2 good web surprises this morning:

A Virtual Museum for Dialogue & an International 20K Flash Fiction Competition 
While looking for international short stories for my summer reading challenge, i came across the page of the Museo de la Palabra, a musuem that "supports and encourages dialogue between different cultures, ideas, religions and sensibilities. The result and the existence of this dialogue is in itself a museum piece, and configure as a meeting place, the unique virtual museum in the world in which nothing is exposed.."

The museum organizes micro fiction contests - in the third edition, authors from 119 countries participated (map), the stories are online here: Flash Fiction Competetion III

And now the next edition of the contest is open: the slogan is: "Mandela: Words and Concord", stories must not exceed 100 words, first price is 20.000$ (!), the competition ends on November 23rd, visit the webpage for the Short Story Competitin Guidelines + Participation Form.

Disobedient Objects 
London's news magazine The Guardian wrote about a thought-provoking new exhibition that opened its doors: “Tools of protest: Disobedient Objects, the V&A's subversive new show” – when I read it, I thought “V&A” must be an avantgarde gallery, but it turns out it’s a place I’ve been to myself once: “The Victoria and Albert Museum, London, is the world's largest museum of decorative arts and design”. Here is the link to the article: Disobedient Objects 


Extra Links

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