Saturday, July 26, 2014

green sky / yellow garden

right now, the Villa Merkel park not far from here is an art park. there is a line of old trees, and next to one, there's a sky / tree installation, with panels that move slightly in the wind. here's a photo:

i also tried a video, i will add it at the bottom, but first 2 more art moments:

This is inside the Villa Merkel - one of the spots where the inside and outside
develop a dialogue, with the window-framed world outside and the
wall-framed painting inside seem to corresponding:

right in front of the Villa is another outside installation, a "mobile garden",
created by artist Lois Weinberger who works with nature
(more about his work, here: Green Man)

back to the sky/tree installation, it's from The Chapuisat Brothers. They note: "Our constructions transform space, turning interior and exterior boundaries inside out and toying with the perception of a subjective reality."  - enjoy the perception!

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Anonymous said...

Intriguing concepts.

Jim said...

Interesting post.