Sunday, July 27, 2014

portrait of, or: me/mories...

The new photo friday theme is: "Portrait", something i don't really feel to comfortable with... even though this is the age of selfies, i'd rather stay behind the camera, with the focus on moments, landscapes, roads, journeys... but browsing through files, i arrived at a portrait of the different kind: a photo of an art installation (and interesting, the way this connects to the tree art below).

The art installation reflects the room, and the visitor, in ever-changing and unexpected / rendered fragments.

which makes me think again of portraits and identity - and how we all are the sum of so many different, mostly invisible fragments of self.

here's another reflection - this was in Mallorca, in May. followed by a reflection on browsing photos... and another art installation: this was inside a pyramid-shaped object.

searching for a photo in the files, 
i find moments, 
reflections -


(more portraits: photo friday)

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Anonymous said...

Can relate to this one...have spent a lot of time searching photo files in the last month, for various reasons. And then yesterday, making a master file of ten years of photos. Thousands of them. Some of them brought back forgotten mo/me/nts and menmories -- moments of me and moments of other people and places -- and some I thought I'd lost, brought moments of celebration when I found that I still had them.