Wednesday, August 6, 2014

N is for Night / Nacht

today: playing with words and images again, after watching the sky yesterday night. after clouds and rain, the sky finally was clear. i hoped to see the International Space Station, yet missed it.

while looking, words started to play in my mind: Night translates to "Nacht" in German, which includes "acht" = "eight"...  and another word-in-word: Life includes "if". While the German "Leben" includes "Eben" = just.

tonight, i will go and try to see the ISS again (here is the ISS orbit page), if clouds allow.

and another sky link: today, spaceship Rosetta reached its comet destination after 10 years of flight. for once, a nice breaking BBC news: "Europe's Rosetta probe goes into orbit around comet 67P"

10 years of flying through the endlessness of space, to meet up with a comet. it sounds like a Night / Nacht / Dream / Traum.


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grayestone said...

The wonders of being bilingual. LOVE the flow of words in your photo:-)

Dorothee said...

thanks for the feedback! and the flow of bilingual words, now that i read your comment, it made me think of a flash story i once wrote with bilingual touch.. will go looking for it, for the next A-Z. :)