Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"What I Won't Repeat" co-op new year poem

Leaf Press co-op poem 2015
For the new year, Leaf Press organized a collaborative poem again - the theme this year was "What I Won't Repeat". The poem is online now - and it's beautiful and coming with its own pace, sorted by serendipity. Very happy to be part of this project.

here's the link:
Leaf Press co-op poem 2015: What I Won't Repeat 

And i just counted: 23 poets joined in this poem. my stanza is:

...every day h/our pattern of life: this c/age of possibility—
until life happens while we were sk/etching plan(e)s.

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karyneisler.com said...

beautiful couplet. love it : ) such a great project / annual tradition ...