Saturday, February 28, 2015

walking along summer paths in winter, or: leaves

It was in September 2013 that I walked along this nature trail that leads through a marsh area, and noted:
 " favorite passage of the walk was the way along birches, with the first autumn leaves falling"
Somehow, the memory of it bubbled up this week, so when the sun turned Thursday into a startling blue-sky-day, I went on a drive to the Alb, and revisited the path. Up there, it is still winter.  And the trail looked all different:

So fascinating, to see the difference of seasons. It even was visible directly on the trail: they had a trail sign that points out the marsh animals, illustrated with a spring image of the area:

And one more photo: the view from the plateau down to the Neckar valley. You can see the difference of altitude: up there, it's all white snow. While down in the valley, the snow mostly is gone.


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