Tuesday, May 5, 2015

motion & 3 lines of advice

Some days ago, I visited a lake near here. There are the usual ducks and birds - but turning a corner, I saw this fellow. "What is it?" I wondered. One of the other visitors knew the answer: "It's an Egyptian Goose," he explained. "It first arrived here 4 years ago. Since 2 years, they are nesting."

As their name says, they are native to Africa, especially the Nile Valley. But some were brought to Europe, to zoos and parks, and spread from there: a different kind of migration.

Such a good surprise, to visit this new place, and find unexpected birds there.

It reminded me of a note i once put together with 3 lines of advice,  each of them aimed to create a step towards more space in the everyday:

  • "Each day, do 1 thing that scares you."
  • "Each day, try something new."
  • "Each day, let go of something."

For a while, the lines included an additional fourth note: "Each day, post a photo from a place you've been." I remember how back then, it was a simple but beautiful joy, adding a photo a day, and being taken back to the memory for a moment. I might do that for the next seven days. For the joy of moving through place and time.


inspired by photo friday "motion"

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