Saturday, May 30, 2015

trails crossing

for sky friday: a sunset moment from thursday evening, and a conversation between 2 continents in 7 haikus, revisited


Trails Crossing

Motion in the words
The waves in my ears and out
Days turn like pages

I walk on and on
The sidewalk clicking against
Me dreaming of hills

The moon follows me
As I slip over ceilings
Through the land of night

I drown myself in
All the stories, an ocean
Tides swell, trails crossing

The pungent smell of
Earth and rock spinning a web
Tree branches, text books

I am running just
To see what is over the
Edge, beyond it all

I leap and wait for
The unseen net to appear
Out of the vast blue


"Trails Crossing" was first published in Poems Niederngasse, it's a collaboration between me and Anna Henderson - we didn't know each other, Anna started the conversation with the first haiku, and we exchanged nothing but the haiku lines. Not sure what made me remember it, maybe that line about leaping into the blue.

the photo is digitally rendered, but that's how it actually felt: like a surreal sky move, with the sun simultaneously appearing and sinking from the clouds like an inversed sunrise, while i knew i was walking towards my final chemo that waited in the morning (more about that, in an own post later this weekend),

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