Saturday, June 6, 2015

roman road trip with mammoth + celtics

Following roman roads - that's what I did last week, when I drove to "Rottenburg", which once was a Roman settlement called Sumelocenna. And the history of this town reaches even further back: the name is derived from the Celtic tribe Sumelo, which lived there another couple of thousand years earlier.
Rottenburg, it's part of the: "Römerstrasse", the "historic roman street" that connects settlements here in the South of Germany. In Rottenburg, I met up with my sister at the edge of town, and we went for a walk along fields, which still look like it probably had thousands of years ago:

Actually, not only Romans and Celtics walked here: Rottenburg was built at the river Neckar, whichis a long-distance connecting route. Here's a signpost along the way, with waymarks: the Camino de Santiago passes through, following it will take you through France and Spain. And the mark on top, the green "Main-Neckar-Rhein-Weg" is a 540 km long walk along the major rivers of South Germany.

Beyond the forest, the view opened to fields, and to "Sankt Remigius Chapel" on a hill, which dates back to the year 1050: 

A suprise encounter along the way: a "Mammutbaum" - a redwood tree, which was a  gift from overseas. And interesting about names, I assumed that the English name for it would be "Mammoth Tree", but it is redwood.

And finally, at the end of the walk: Rottenburg city, with the river Neckar: 

Such a good walk through time, under blue skies. And nice to connect to the memory of an earlier Roman road trip , which was more about the town itself and its Roman museum: 1-day road trip along Roman roads and home rivers

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Kalpanaa Misra said...

Lovely post! Would love to walk along the Neckar weg :)

Joyful said...

Beautiful! I especially like the photos of the green forest. xx

bettyl-NZ said...

Blue skies make any walk awesome and I see you took full advantage! Great shots.