Sunday, June 7, 2015

sun / flower / taste / of / happiness

 such luck: it's a long weekend here in south germany.
and it is sunny and warm like summer

so good, to have this time to relax and recover.
some moments from this weekend:

new rose in the garden in first bloom.
this is the actual original color. looks like painted.

reading... a book about Happiness:

"Hector and the Search for Happiness" by Francois Lelord 
"An uplifiting and optimistic fable for our times and all time"

and a book about migration and friendship,
"Monsieur Linh and His Child" by Philippe Claudel 
interestingly, the German title is rather different:
"Monsieur Linh and the gift of hope"

also: revisiting journey moments 

and musing on things that nourish, 
while creating a playful colour sketch:

plus, beyond the sunshine, this weekend brought another gift:

my sense of taste is starting to return. 
it was tainted by medication, and it will take a while
until it is all back in balance again.
but today, the bread rolls started to taste like bread rolls again.
so nice. 


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Kenneth Cole Schneider said...

So happy that your visit to my blog was the occasion for me to spend quite a while reviewing your posts. Only this week one of our dear nieces, about 43 years old, began chemo for her newly diagnosed Stage 3+ breast cancer. She had bilateral mastectomies about two weeks ago. She is very courageous and already has appeared on national TV to get the word out about the importance of having additional investigation of mammograms in women with very dense breasts. This greatly delayed her diagnosis and treatment. My thoughts and prayers are with you and hope you continue to improve.