Friday, July 3, 2015

july heat wave moon

July starts with a heat wave here in Germany. "Extreme temperatures," warns the weather forecast. Tropical nights. Blazing sunny skies. The best time to enjoy the weather is in the evening, when you can sit outside until midnight, and watch the moon and the skies in a warm breeze, something that is unusual for these regions.

The heat reminded me of this short flash story I wrote in another summer, with the same heat, while it was world soccer cup in South Africa:


Antelope Summer

It was the summer of vuvuzelas. The ball rolled on and on, down there in the South of Africa, between all those countries of the world. Huge screens glowed in the night, green reflections of success and failure.

Then suddenly, it was over. The TV channels returned to their normal daily and weekly schedules. The heat kept lingering, though. It turned lawns into patches of prairie: yellow and stubby the grass stood, as if waiting for antelopes and hyenas. Still hesitant, you went, and bought one of the last vuvuzelas on sale, and we finally learned to do the rain dance.


More skies from around the world: skywatch friday


Felicia said...

love the pastel pinks and blues in your beautiful capture.

Kalp anaa said...

I love your story and good luck with dealing with the heatwave :)

Marie C said...

Such an interesting post! Great shot, too.

Merisi said...

Wondrous fairytale sky, and a beautiful story!

Your name made me pause for a moment. I guess I am not the first one who thought of Dorothea Lange. ;-)

Dorothee said...

thanks for all your lovely feedback! Glad you enojoyed the heat short story. and yes, Dorothea Lange - such a wonderful name sister. i'm admiring her work.