Monday, September 28, 2015

home flowers + new ways + imitating trees

Ah, to be home!
It was so precious, this cure time of 3 weeks. Yet now I am also happy to be back at home. And nice timing: the final cure days were overcast. But on the way home, the sun returned, and so I was arriving in sunhine.

One of the first things I did was: taking a walk through the garden. The Dahlias are in full bloom right now. Such an abundance of color. They look like natural art.

And another thing I already did: go and buy northern walking sticks. And then go for a walk with them. Here's a photo of that first walk, and of the sticks:

The stone structure is ancient - it is a "pause station" that dates back to the time when farmers carried things on their back. The station provides a resting place that allows to place the load on the stone bench for a while, without having to put it down to the ground and pick it up again later.

The sticks, I like that they come with blue symbols, and with a line written on them: "Wake your Walk". Which is exactly what the sticks do for me: they bring an impulse to go and explore new ways. In the cure in Waldsee, I rented the sticks for the time there and bought a map of the walking routes, and then started to try the routes. It was so good, getting to all those places and discovering the multitude of small spots.

Of course, I also could just go walking there without sticks - but it’s the sticks that make me go, that make me feel like trying and walking. And it's not a cure thing - they have the same effect here. Yesterday I drove to the Alb and parked at a place some miles from the Randecker Maar, and went for a scenic walk there that leads along the Alb rim, then through fields and forest and then along the rim again where it is open. And it was so amazing. Here are some photos:

Walking there, I was just happy from the mood and the view. And also, from the feeling of reaching out and opening to newness, to keep that cure mood - to already have made that step to get walking sticks, and be on a new trail, just 3 days after returning home.

Back home I came across a tree quote by May Sarton that spoke to me:

Imitate the trees.
Learn to lose in order to recover,
and remember that nothing stays the same for long,
not even pain.

Now, 2 more days of September. Then October is starting. And hopefully, it will bring some more walks of that sunny & xploring kind.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home!!!! :)

Dorothee said...

thanks!! so good to be home now, after the treatments are complete, and the cure gave those good impulses.