Friday, October 23, 2015

october sun + final island days

Just 2 more days now, then the island time will come to an end. But it's good - the days are sunny again, and it feels like summer. Hard to believe that November is not far. 

The really nice news is that I tried jogging again. When I tried it in September in Waldsee, 
my knees weren't happy about it, especially the left one. But now it felt fine. It's probably the soft ground that made a difference, and some more healing time. 

And healing: I am sleeping 8 hours each night. Hadn't expected that, but it seems my body is happy about the slower days here, and the extra time to sleep and rejuvenate. But then, it's just 3 months since the final couple of radiation dates - which isn't that long. 

And a final photo: yesterday I visited Mallorca Aquarium. And was stunned. They have the largest shark tank in Europe, and it is amazing to sit there and get a feeling for the underwater world. 

Here's more about it: Mallorca Aquarium  / Big Blue 

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Anonymous said...

your posts are amazing! my partner (who is from Tenerife, Spain) said this place is really beautiful. i look forward to seeing more of your journey through your posts. God bless! and thanks for visiting my site too. Lots of love from us!