Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Layers of now

The end of the year brought a lovely link: Michelle Elvy and Sam Rasnake completed the new issue of Blue Fifth Review, and it turned out beautiful. It's a collab issue that plays with the connections between art, poetry, flash, and includes commentaries: the blue collection 6: collaboration 

The issue also includes one of my recent works of photo art: the digital mandala "Layers of". Both the mandala and that it is included in the issue are special for me. Mandalas, from format they are symbols that represent the universe. Above is another digital mandala - like "Layers of", is based on a simple photo, in this case a sky/city-photo which is included two blog posts below, so you might have seen it already:


I wrote a bit more about mandalas in the issue commentary. Seeing it now online feels like a wink for the new year, to explore other new issues of online magazines, and to send out the one or other submission.


And two links that I came across today - one is a review of the year in songs: 2015 Top Hits in 3.5 Minutes - Us The Duo - and the other a talk about the holiday times, and all the sometimes-not-so-easy-themes they connect to: family, gifts, hopes, fears, unresolved issues, childhood patterns... all those layers of now: Dear Sugar: Sugar For The Holidays

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