Saturday, December 5, 2015

waiting for the sun, trees are..., and skies of the past

After several overcast and grey days, the sun returned for some hours on thusday afternoon. I went for a drive, and then drove up to the Alb plateau. So good to be there again. And so lucky that the blue sky zone was moving through in a kind speed and direction - the next cloud area was already visible at the horizon, while I stood in the sun, letting the rays wrap me up.

(The round metal plate is a circular map with the near and far landmarks placed accordingly to the horizon, in the direction of looking)

I went for a walk along the rim of the plateau - the trees are all barren now, stripped down to their essential structure. Walking there, I remember tree lines by Khalil Gibran, copied down in September:
Trees are poems
The earth writes
Upon the sky

Walking there also brought an idea for December: I want to put together a photo calendar with skies from the past. The idea is for each month to find a journey that happened then, and put some photos together.

I guess the impulse for that happened in the morning already, when the skies still were grey, and the promised sunny morning forecast was postponed to the afternoon - that's when I looked at the Mallorca photos, and posted one in the photo blog: "waiting for the sun".

It’s good to go through those memories now the days are so short, and often overcast. The idea, it also relates to two conversations I had last week with friends - that often, the strongest memories that remain of a year are the ones about going to places, especially when the places then also bring encounters with others, and shared experiences.


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