Monday, January 4, 2016

joyfuljan and the colors of winter

Just as the year turned to 2016, the skies turned here, too: from sunny and mild to rather overcast and rainy. Now each hour of sun feels like a gift. It's a harsh month, January, with the cold, the lack of sunlight, the short days. So glad for the #joyfuljan challenge, which keeps giving impulses to actively look for joy. Here's a moment of today, inspired by both #joyfuljan and the new photo challenge "winter colors":

It's really just an ordinary moment, I walked past it first, then stopped and returned and tried a photo. The bare twigs and the patterns they form, so different in winter, they were also what amazed me yesterday when i went for a sunday afternoon drive. Here's a vispo - a visual poem - from the drive:

The play with formats, it is something I also want to actively look for in the new year: try something different, something new. Like: downloading the “vine” app for short videos. Yesterday tried a first video. It didn’t really work from time and view, but it felt good to try this, to be playful and experiment with this new medium that is for 3-6 seconds of video, either one take or several snippets, and vine plays it as loop.

Here's today's joy note, first in words, then in a vine:

Following the sun
To the reflection pool:
This lightness of joy /
This joyness of light

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