Wednesday, January 6, 2016

luck - glück, or: this gap between


good or bad fortune in life

caused by accident or chance


in German: Glück

a word that is close to Lücke – “gap”

which points at the close scale

between good or bad luck

in the case of missing a bus,

or a look

or a realization

by a minute

on an everyday Thursday morning

and all the causes

and consequences

this gap between

your life as it is    //    your life as it almost would have been

/a  gap that you obviously never

will be fully able to grasp/

may encompass

* * *

(first published in Soundzine)

(inspired by #joyfuljan, and by the idea to go and revisit some of my words that have found a place in magazines. which is an own kind of joy)


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