Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Lanzarote links + memories + 3 more days

One of the really nice things about being here are all the memories from previous journeys - driving down the roads brings back moments from the past. Here are some links and memories. The first is a parallel in time, as like back then, it's now 3 more days on the island, before it's time to pack bags.

"Three more days on the island. Back home, it's winter now: freezing temperatures, snowrain falling. Still a part of me starts to long for home, while another part would like to stay here another week, read some historic books about the place, about the life during the vulcanoe eruptions in the 17th century, about the people who arrived here, and went away again."
here's the whole post: journey to Lanzarote: time & 3 more days

and in contrast, notes from the start of a journey, which also include a memory itself:

"Everything is moving here, every single grain of sand. that's what i realized when i walked along the beach today, and stopped for a moment, to watch the wind move over the ground. and was stunned. for what i saw was the miniature of a dune desert, a lake of motion, a genesis of sand, following the direction the wind headed to. i touched one of the tiny dunes. where are you coming from, i wondered. how far did you travel already. the dune gave its answer by gliding on underneath my hand."
island time: going to Lanzarote, going back in time

"In the photo above, you can see Playa Blanca from the southern end of the settlement. Our bungalow belongs to the first patch of houses you see, with the palm trees in front. It's indeed "at the end of the island". .. To stay in a bungalow named by a writer reminded me of a this essay on books I read a while ago, about "You Are There - Reading" - the special joy and passion to read a book in a place that appears in the book. Like reading Homer's Odyssey in Greece, Henry David Thoreau's "Walden" in Walden, James Joyce's "Dubliners" or "Ulysses" in Dublin"
from our previous stay near the Lightouse:
a new place, you-are-there-reading, mermaids & "to simply live those moments"

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