Monday, February 1, 2016

tiny lost ladybug

A moment from yesterday: I walked along lava beach looking for seashells.. and noticed the vibrant red color in the corner of my eyes. Took a moment to understand that this really was a ladybug, which got lost in the wind and now sat in the midst of lava stones. So I postponed the shells and carried the ladybug to one of the few green spots - and taking a closer look, I saw several other ladybugs on the green twigs. So that is where they live here, on the beach.

It's amazing, all the animals that live on this island that looks desert-like on first glance. Some evenings ago, we saw something move on the walkway. "Leaf in the wind" was our first guess. But the leaf had a body, and stood motionless after we noticed it. Turned out, it was a hedgehog.

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