Saturday, January 30, 2016

Under this different sky

when i woke this morning, i remembered the weather forecast: storm warning. so the first thing i did was: look outside. and then i went and picked my camera, to catch this sky. turns out, so far the storm isn't crossing this region. the wind got stronger for a while, but then faded again.

i walked up to the reception, to check with them: the nice news is, we can stay in the appartment we have (that wasn't all sure). and they expected worse weather, too. "if that's the bad day that was announced, we are happy to take it," was the general mood.

i also looked for books, and picked 3 to read into. which lead to this moment:

The second line says: "Das Glück sich lebendig und frei zu fühlen..." - "The luck to feel alive and free.."

And I tried another short video, to catch the mood of this unexpected light day:

and here is the written version of the moment:

Under this different sky /
hours vibrating in 3 kinds of blue /
this luxury of light time

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