Monday, March 21, 2016

spring!, or: the power of petals + the power of words

just this.
this moment.
this color.
at this time of day.


Still happy about the sun moments from Sunday. The weather forecast had announced that it would be overcast all day: there was a huge cloud field covering almost all of Germany, and we were at the southern cloud border.  But in the late morning, some first patches of sky started to show. Like with the flight, I hopped into my clothes and went out right away, to take a walk.

Back home, I picked up a book from the library that turned out to be funny and witty and full of life, even though it has "death" in the title. The German title is "Sophia, der Tod und ich" ("Sophia, Death and me"), written by Thees Uhlmann. Here's a sunstruck photo:  


As it turned out, despite the cloudy forecast, it remained sunny all afternoon. So good. And so nice to see the spring flowers pop up now, in their bright colous. Spring energy! Today it's back to clouds, but the energy is still lingering.


Inspired by the sun, and by photofriday's new theme "powerful".... now for a revisited text that connects to powerful. hmmm.... maybe this one? It popped up on top when I tried a google-search of this blog for "power", a note written after visiting the Frankfurt Bookfair in 2009 - it's not one of the best, but fits with the book theme, and with just coming back from the Leipzig Bookfair.
And to go with it, a photo of a revolution:

The Power of Culture

Cathedrals of glass for all those words written
7000 publishers meeting in one place
The number of their books: uncountable

Police guards at the entry, checking bags -
- But who would bring a bomb to a book fair?
- Well...

I dive into hall after hall, into lakes of words and sound
Chinese poetry live, textcontext, forum book,
Prix nobel 2009, du monde entier a-z

Outside, a circusstyle reading tent, cup of coffee for 1.50,
Live words for free: Anthony McCarten: Show of Hands,
Leon de Winter: Recht auf Rückkehr.

In between halls, gateways of thought, words on a poster:
Der Kultur der Macht / die Macht der Kultur entgegensetzen
Contradict the Culture of Power / With the Power of Culture.

Moving on, into other worlds, into installations of ink on paper
I try to trace the line between fiction and fact,
And reach the fine hall of art.

I gather conceptual, (un)monumental
Keys to this world
In lines on paper


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